Oudtshoorn 2014

OK…………….. so we managed to get the weather all over the place again. The wind was hectic. But not hectic enough to deter the riders. WIND was the order of the day.

N1 to Worcester , Robertson , Ashton , Montague & stopping Barry dale for lunch. Thanks to Derek (Country Pumpkin) for the “warmers”. As always the food was great. Wind again. Oudtshoorn by 16.00. Kleinplaas was a welcome sight as strained necks needed a rest. The bakkie was 1 1/2 hours behind with Bullet Burger flying in around 7. Loading all into the bakkie off to dinner.

Black Swan is a real treat – Thanks David Pienaar for the recommendation. Food was great. Service stunning. prices not too bad either. The Swellendam’ers joined in.

Saturday morning started off great. Kleinplaas breakfast is a real filler.

Down Robertson Pass to Eight Bells. Thanks to all that posed for photo’s. Bernadine (Die Burger) was there on her Daytona 675. Joined by the local Garden Routers we set off in the wind to Knysna. Sadly the camera’s along the road flashed a few times. Mitchells Brewery was a hoot. Split into 2 groups the tours and tasting went off too well. There was a coup against the Black beer (by one ratter) , marriage proposal (by one ratter), hording of certain tasters( by a non ratter) many laughs and no spills. Thank you Mitchells Beer.

Back to Oudtshoorn via a VERY misty wet Outenique Pass.

Kleinplaas for Braai. Salads prepared by the Kleinplaas ladies was super. Way too much meat. A Blow up over the Head trick by our own Robby Williams , Giggles , laughter , the 2 Germans found window sills for tables to eat off , almost ran out of ice . Thanks to Kleinplaas for the use of the Lapa & utensils.

Sunday morning 09.00 departure started at 08.30 , no wind , only a police check point and further no issues.

Ronnies “…..” Shop for a stop , Country Pumpkin for lunch – again thanks Derek for the specials – Du Toits Kloof Lodge for a GOOD BYE.

Who joined in …………… Triumphs , a sole Griso & a Tenere. Photo’s show all.


Will we do it again ? YES !

WHEN ……….. watch the calendar ……………


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