Tiger scores at Killarney at Track day

RATter John recently had some fun at Killarney and sent in his experience tormenting a ZX10:

“I had quite some fun predating Tiger-like on some riceburners, I’ll tell yer ! Stays with an SP1 and GSXR750 on the main straight too, which surprised me. Ate up 600’s.

It power’s out of corners with so many newton-metres a bloke on a ZX10 said I was truckin’ away from him out of every turn, fought him off for about 4 laps before he could take me on the back straight, and then only because I wanted to let him SCRAM to hassle him again on the bends. Tee Hee.

Of course it’s got a trick zorst, airbox mod, and it’s remapped and a few dangly bits taken off, but still, this is one bloody awesome understated bike, even running sport-touring rubber and frequently decking the right peg on turn 3 mid corner. So glad to have offloaded my GSXR1000 for a real-world bike.  Wonderful machine.  With those bars I can go into offroad mode and ignore the rumble strips on the chicane too, which is a darn sneaky advantage. Chicane ? What Chicane! Mwaaa haaa haaa haaaa.

I’m not sure if it’s a motard on steroids, a ktm950 with 3 cylinders, a Bandit with proper suspension, or a streetfighter that sounds like a porsche, but it WORKS!

And if all that didn’t please me, it sure sings a loverly song along the Wailing Wall past the pits.

From your best field salesman : )


More fun at Killarney:

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