8th March 2014 – Matjiesfontein

Not threat of rain (which never happened) or a flat rear tire or road works or no shows could dampen the spirit in which this ride took place. Streeten did his normal……I will show you how to do a trip on steel thread……………. move , Dawson’s Tiger developed a rear flat out of no where , and to this very minute still a mystery as to how. BUT tyre weld works.

After a well deserved “cold one” the bus tour of the town was enjoyed. With much laughing at ” we now turn left , as we can’t turn right ” and ” I love it when you talk foreign” and ” it’s show time” 10 minute trip was 9 minutes with 1 minute to the old house. The town has a long history. The old trains / buildings and so on deserve a good hard look.

Dinner was at 19.00 – on time , the dinning room perfect , all were dressed up in what had been “requested”…………. of course some over dressed and some under dressed. One slight hic cup @ dinner ( apparently cold pickled fish starter takes long to prepare)…… rest of the dinner was perfect. Back to the Laird for a night cap and celebrate Julia’s birthday. The Honky Tonk piano player ( who is also the tour guide) kept the music going and grabbed one and all to sing along. ( no idol winners).  A time was reached that no ringing of the “bell” could raise the barman from his hideaway.  but the Chippendale did his “stuff”.

Breakfast……….. ok we leave that.





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