Coastal Sunset Ride – 18th Aug 2012

With the weather having been poor during the week the possibility of a Saturday sunset ride was surely not going to happen. BUT , as the Bok’s won so did the weather shine for us. The weather was glorious.

We left around 15.45 having waited for Tauca(again)…but a run without Tauca’s Speed Triple sound is no run at all. Over Dewaals Drive , into the rugby traffic and on towards the M3. Over the pass towards Noordhoek. Stop @ Noordhoek village for a coffee (and ??)mainly to thaw cold fingers.On to Chappies and a stop on top to watch the sun set. AWESOME.

Down Chappies , into HoutBay , on towards CampsBay…Yippee , some twisties , a few cars , sun right into our eyes , sea spray and on to La Med , or what used to be La Med. WOW,what a change….eyes went wide open with the arrival of the noise of bikes. Of course Tauca knew the “doorman” so we were escorted to the bar. @ R80.00 for a whisky/lime&soda & a beer on tap I don’t think we will place this in our list of places to visit often.

The sun had set , the road became dark as we thread ourselves through the “traffic” leaving Sea Point ….and then on towards “DINNER”.

Full table , good food , GREAT company. Sticker man Dudley was dragged onto the dance floor. Saddened by the fact that our very own Christian Marais was not with us to ward off the “Arthur Murray” dances we all had to pitch in. Zak made a dash for the bar when he was “asked” to dance. Well fed , oiled up& sore feet by 10.30 we were ready to mount up and head off home.

Thanks to all those that joined.

Thanks Italian Club

A GREAT evening was had by all.

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