Triumph 1200 Explorer World Launch in Spain

Tiger 1200 Explorer

It was well worth the hours of sitting at airports, plane,customs lines and eventually a 45 min bus ride.

The 1200 Explorer is as Triumph promised, a GS1200 butt kicker in all respects.

I will not bore the reader with all the technical specs, which are all FREELY available on the Triumph websites (or per email)….but I move onto the capabilities of this machine.

An available seat height of as low as 810 to 880 one immediately is comfortable. Us short people to the tall have been thought of.

The ride by wire throttle is awesome…..full throttle is a mere 1/4 turn. The speed cruise is handy and easy to use,  but over 160 switches off.

Acceration is immediate. The power delivery is awesome. Traffic riding will be very comfortable with th minimum of gear changes.

Standard screen works well but taller riders will need the accessory taller screen.

Luggage is as with the 800….but the Top Box has a acceessory plug available,so to carry that pump is now totally possible.

There is no vibration from the shaft drive and no lag in any gear.

The 19 inch front wheel is firm on the tar and the little gravel we did proved again that the Explorer is capable of all.

Top end……..don’t know.

Fuel……5.6 k/lt average.

Seat change…..within seconds

On and off main stand…….2 swings and up she goes.

Side stand foot……brilliant.


SO in the short 145 km,s……..what a brilliant bike.

The finish to all components is proffessional. Everything works well.

BMW…….watch out……you have HUGE competition in the TRIUMPH 1200 EXPLORER.




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