ElandsBaai – 25th June 2011

UPDATE: The photos from this trip have been uploaded and can be seen here.


25th June 2011

RAT go Elandsbaai

The weather during the
week had really got us concerned about a wet ride. But it turned out that RAT’s
are blessed creatures and the worst we got was a few drops when leaving Cape Town.

Meeting  at the Wimpy on the N7 caused some concern as
we had “lost” a Tiger rider. Only to find out later that is always a good idea
to fill a bike before doing a long trip – That Tiger had run out of fuel a mere
10 km’s out of town.

At a re-grouping stop
adjacent to Piketberg the Ducati threatened to leave it’s rider stranded with
what sounded like a flat battery , but started eventually , thank goodness as
Mr.Zak had pointed his Speed Triple SE in the wrong direction and was heading
for who knows where. Two Stop & Go’s on Piekenaarskloof Pass
and we sped passed Citrusdal. A “Speed Cop” was woken up as the bikes sped passed,
no idea which direction the camera was pointed, shocks were really tested as
the road between Citrusdal & Clanwilliam rather bumpy. Clanwilliam dam was
next stop for fuel and a view.

Some quick repairs to
the Ducati , a cable tie from a friendly Landrover driver. Riders swopped the
Ducati and the Speed Triple SE , Mr.Zak missing a gear or two on the Ducati.

We arrived at
Elandsbaai around 5’ish.

Elandsbaai hotel being
one of the few hotels left that is right on the beach , Fawlty Towers in South
Africa , all we missed was Basil Fawlty , BUT after unpacking and donning
casual clothes we realised at the “bar” that there were plenty of Basil
Fawlties in the town of Elandsbaai.

The long dinner table
set for the RAT’s looked lost in the enormous Dining Room , salad to start , a
“filled” plate of meat , rice and vegetables with Malva & custard finish.

Everyone had some sort
of “hat” on , from an English Top Hat worn by Mike Raggett , French Beret ,
beanie with rabbit ears worn by Gareth to Father Christmas hat worn by Mark
Osman…………there was something. Eddie even had orange hair , but had to share
gloves with Mr.Zak. Freezer gloves , cut off gloves, ladies evening gloves to mittens
, not a bare hand to be seen.

After dinner 9-% went
back to socialise with the locals , who must have been waiting for the RAT’s as
they were in the same place as 2 hours before.

Shooters , Jack
Daniels and a lot of Chatter Chat…………….to bed ‘sometime” later.

Breakfast Sunday
morning was rather slow in coming , but again the plate was full. Caroline took
to feeding the horde of cats that has appeared. Strangely not a dog in sight ,
a scary thought perhaps !

Angus, with some wit,
had his hotel bill reduced due to the fact that his room had all the amenities
of a luxury house but without hot water and lights.

The direct route back
to Cape Town
was agreed upon and I found that the Thunderbird is way easier to ride if the
steering is unlocked, the delay causing a roar of hooters from the already
mounted riders.

Fuel at Veldrift. John
& Lindsey invited all those left to visit Bokkom Lane……and were we in for a
surprise……the lane is a dirt lane lined with rows of drying Bokkoms …which
again brought mixed feelings from the RAT crowd. Angus was cohersed into trying
some dried Bokkoms , so did Mike Raggett , rather salty ………….unfortunately the
river tour by boat was fully booked , much to Angus’s disgust.

Road back to Cape Town
was uneventful , the KLR650 Kawasaki cruised along , 2 up , at a steady 140 ,
no speed traps and minimal cars – strange for a Sunday.

A great time was had
by all………………..and now we look forward to the Oudtshoorn weekend which by all
accounts will be something different as an adventure as well as a road trip are
being planned.

** Till later RAT’s **




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