2011 Triumph Thunderbird 1600 ABS – The first 150 km’s

With our faithful Rocket 3 Touring safely in the hands of “it’s” new owner it was time for this salesman to move onto the next of the large Triumph machines.
The 2011 Thunderbird 1600 ABS was given it’s pre-delivery service and took to the road on Friday evening.
2 km’s to the fuel station and I knew how Luke Skywalker felt when he found out who his father was , or when a duck hits the water , I was at home.
The accessory touring saddle is very comfortable.
The handle bar position , perfect.
The forward foot pegs so easy to reach and the gear shift tight but easy.
The rumble of the 85 bph twin cylinder motor is felt but certainly not an uneasy feeling at all. In fact the rumble gives one the feeling of power wanting to be unleashed.
The twin does not start as easily as the triple , but purrs into life within seconds.
After 5 demo trips on the Saturday and a short Sunday ride the trip meter stands at over 160 km’s with just on half a tank of fuel to go.
Monday morning , 2 up , the T-Bird handled the traffic with ease. In the wet the ABS never came into being , front brakes being sharp without being a serious threat to a novice , the rear just harsh enough to slow the moving 330 kgs in a very short space of time.
Overall , to choose between the Rocket Touring and the Thunderbird , if one excludes the luggage system of the Rocket , the T-Bird 1600 handles like a smaller cruiser , powers like the big boys , can be used in traffic by a novice and certainly will put the “hardly” bikes to shame.
Can’t wait to get it onto the long road.

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