The 2010 Cape Town RAT Getaway!

It is that time of year again, that special time when the Triumph riders of Cape Town get on their bikes and make pleasant mischief in and around Oudtshoorn! Mr Livings sent through the following details:

“Cape Town’s weekend this year is 5th – 7th November.

  • Place NA Smit Resort, Oudtshoorn (I tried other places but either a “no bikes” policy or “full”).
  • Both evening meals are arranged
  • Enjoyable Saturday ride with Straights, Corners, and Passes & PITT STOPS.
  • Luxury & Semi Luxury Accommodation.”

Following on the suggestions of several of the RAT faithful, both dinner meals will be hosted at the resort, so that the evenings are as relaxed/debauched as they need to be without the fuss or bother of sourcing transport to and from a restaurant.

Further details will be uploaded shortly, so watch this space!

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