Whoops, I dropped the spanner


New gallery sysyem installed and working. I will need to figure out how it all works and then move all the legacy galleries back into place. In the meantime head over to the gallery section for Mark Livings’ photographs from the Thunderbird Launch party.


First the bad news – I made what was supposed to be a routine update to the site and it killed the gallery system.

The slightly less bad news is that the images still exist on the server and that there is no need to panic.

The good news is that I will now be forced to install a decent gallery application or move all the images over to flickr.

Therefore, in conclusion, right now there is no access to the image archive, but soon it will be awesome! (Sad irony: the old image system was called the AWSOM image gallery)

In all seriousness I do apologise for this technical error and will have it rectified shortly.

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