Killarney All Bike Race Day – 16 December 2009



The Jaguar Owners Club at Killarney Race Track has agreed to allow “us” to make use of their Clubhouse for the All Bike Race Day on the 16th December 2009.

This is an ideal opportunity for us all to get together and enjoy the passion of bike racing.

The club house offers a bar facility.

Ideal viewing from turn 3 through turn 4 and down the back straight.

Plenty of shade.

BRING meat , let’s braai …… bring the “kids” and their bikes/quads , let them ride.

As BIKERS and family let’s support the Jag Owners Club and the All Bike Race Day.

Cost : Adults : R 40.00 (gate entry)

Children under 16 : R 10.00 (gate entry)

All : R 5.00 per person towards the Jag Owners Club

Gates open @ 08.00 am

Racing starts @ 10.00 am

RSVP if possible please.


The Team


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