Triumph Thunderbird Unveiling Event



Rene emailed and suggested that I post this link to a article covering the Thunderbird launch (partly because her sister stars in the main photograph, partly because it is the right thing to do.) Dave Abrahams, a motorcycle enthusiast of note and collector of fine wristwatches was in attendance and wrote the article you can find by clicking here


(I am sure Mark will provide text for this article, until then some placeholders)

This weekend saw the introduction of Triumph’s new Thunderbird to Cape Town’s bikers (and motorcycling enthusiasts.)

Many thanks to Mike, Mark, Gareth, Vernon and Keith for providing beverages and entertainment (Gareth’s brother Bryn staged a light and smoke show as well as music for the function.)

Most of all thank you to all the RATters who were in attendance as well. As usual none of these events would be the same without you guys.

Click here for a gallery of the event as well as some random photos from the race meeting at Killarney on Saturday (just because.) Enjoy and stay safe until next time!

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