The RAT supper (end of year bash)

I had no clue what I was getting myself into. What I thought was going to be an innocent couple of drinks in support of the very talented and through-and-through RAT legend Christian, turned out to be a RAT night to remember.

Most of the RAT faithful were present (albeit with some very noticable absentees) and a jolly good time was had by all. Says MR. Livings:

“RAT has re-named the Klipkantien , “The Passage Restaurant”

After walking through the Kalk Bay Bookshop , we found the neatly laid out restaurant and the roving minstrel waiting patiently. Oom Sarel being the first to arrive , eventually Eugene arrived and the party started.

I presume “dustbin Dudley” is recovering from the masses amount of food and desert he was dished up , the Von Stein family was complete , Mr & Mrs Tauca kept Mike entertained , Wim ever jolly , Patrick like silent bob , Frans the Rocket man , Mr Frost related his accident in great detail.

After a huge desert ( well the plate was) Christian closed off with his medley of the Rocky Horror Picture show.

Thanks to all RAT’ters that joined in the fun , thanks to all who participated in the rides during 2009 and we all look forward to a stunning 2010.”

For my part I would really like to thank those Triumph owners and their friends and family for coming along on the rides and making our little community of riders such a pleasant one. Also, thank you everyone for the feedback on the site, I hope it continues to be a place you enjoy coming back to!

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