Oudtshoorn Pre-Trip Trip


Hopefully by now you are aware that the plans for Mike Hopkin’s annual Oudtshoorn weekend are well under way. If not please contact Mark at Mike Hopkins to reserve your spot¬† (see the contacts page for the details.)

On Saturday the 22nd of September Mark shot up to Oudtshoorn to make sure that the plans and provisions are in order and to see first-hand that everything is to a decent standard. To provide moral support some of the usual Triumph crowd went along too…

After a great day’s riding we sampled the facilities by having a tasty braai (expertly handled, chip-bags-mittens-and-all, by Gerhard, Riaan and Wim.)

This years Oudtshoorn weekend (in October) is set to be bigger than ever. Places are going quickly, so speak to Mark now or risk missing out!  A small gallery of pictures from the trip can be found here:

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