Aliwal North – RAT Gathering

Mr. Livings sent in his experiences from this weekend’s RAT Run to Aliwal North:

“RAT Aliwal North the Triumph Rocket Tourer way

Glorious riding weather was ours as we set of on Thursday 5th Feb. From CT via the N7 ,Malmesbury,Riebeeck,Hermon,Ceres,Touwsriver.
230 kms and the Rocket showed the orange reserve light. Ok so I was pushing through the sweeps so fuel consumption was poor.
17.6 litres.Overnight in Lainsburg.
Friday 06.00 route to Beaufort West.205 km’s using 14 litres.
Middelberg,Burgersdorp to Aliwal.
The sweeps created no problem as the Rocket handled each with ease.The straights could be handled at a comfortable 145 – 155. Over 160 the fuel consumption dropped but the Rocket can travel along with ease at 170.
Wind vibration over the screen is felt over170 but there is no uncomfortable movement from the bike.
The side wind caused by trucks passing is handled easily by ducking behind the screen.
The panniers were not carrying the same weight but this did not cause any problem.
The lack of a GPS resulted in sightseeing tours in a few towns.
2025 kms was the total trip.
14.85 kms’ per litre.
Very little saddle sore thanks to the wide comfortable seat , yet a backrest would have helped.

Would I do another 2000 km’s on the Rocket Tourer , you better believe it.”

“Oom” Wim Gerber sent in his photos of the trip, the Gallery is in the Gallery section, or after the jump!

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