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RAT Oudtshoorn 1-3 November 2013


Weekend away has been renamed …………… ” WHAT RAIN”………………..

With those who dared to defy the weather guru’s heading off towards the Black Clouds was to turn into an adventure. N1 Winelands for 1st meeting , Bottom of the Du Toits Kloof Pass for 2nd collection and on towards the interior. A suggestion to go through Rawsonville was wise , missing the camera’s and stops. Fuel at Robertson BUT Ashton was the turning point. RAIN , RAIN and my some more rain. Towards BarryDale and for fun we had RAIN.

The Sherry at Country Pumpkin warmed the inside but nothing could remove the wet riding gear. Needless to say the TRIUMPH all weather gear really works (those that had). The rain slowed in parts , arriving in Oudtshoorn around 4 ,fairly dry.  La Dolce Vita for dinner.

Saturday morning showed that the heavens had opened up the evening , wet , wet & some drizzle. Leaving at 08.30 towards Robertson Pass the sky was blue BUT the pass was misty. Riding slowly we could actually see the beauty of Gods work.

Keith & Schalk from Knysna joined in a hearty breakfast , spilling the beans that they had traveled in rain all the way……..BUT………we left Eight Bells in drizzle which soon disappeared and we were greeted in George with blue sky and SUNSHINE. Now there was no looking back ! WHAT RAIN????

Knysna – to The Heads – oops the service sucked but Tiger rider Wim sorted that out and we suddenly had more waiters than in a german beer hall. TAPA’s for all@ Thesen , RAT Dawson went Oysters…..Tourists gathering around the Triumph’s. Back to Oudtshoorn , over Outeniqua Pass , again………..NICE……….road was clear and dry …need I say more.

BRAAI time

Trust a man from Paarl to get massive fires going…. Jack Daniels arrived…………. inhibitions left… was Guy Fawkes with no crackers.


08.30 saw the rear end  of the group….one rider rode in green jeans….”follow that pants”… with the GT of Zak under terrible strain (dam jack)….. stop @ Ronnies….. Breakfast @ Barry dale , fuel @ Robertson and a final good bye @ Du Toits Kloof Lodge……………







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Elands Bay July 2013

In typical Cape weather the group left the shop and headed towards Philly to meet up with the “others”.

Patches of rain greeted us as we made our way towards Malmesbury then on to Moorresburg with a planned stop in Piketberg for some fuel and a bite. This was a bad plan, the new “Spur” outside of Piketberg was under staffed and unable to handle the “crowds. The fuel pumps were packing up and cutting out – so anyone wanting to use that place in the future should stay clear.

The road between Piketberg and Velddrift is as bumpy as corrugation – we rode the “road” balls to the wall , well in Ian’s case he felt them in his throat. The R6 taking strain – BUT the Triumphs well suited for that kind of road. A welcome sight was Velddrift – and a sigh of relief from Andre after sending poor Ben 10 down the road twice and littering the road with their clothes as a pannier came open. The short distance from there to Elandsbay could not come quick enough.

The hotel was waiting for us. Check in was without hassel. Of course being gentleman the MHM guys ave up their sea facing room to the newly engaged couple – but then found ourselves in the Presidential Suite.

Down for a well deserved cold one – Gareth giving the bar lady a hard time in deciding what he wanted ” Die man vat sy tyd”………. as she wanted to go off shift , of course no one dared argue with her. PHOTO’s tell the store further.

Needless to say , the evening progressed with plenty of giggling , laughter , leg pulling , chatter , and cold drinks (ja right). (Photo’s tell the story). No one knows how much wood was burned and between Ian and Richard there seemed to be an endless supply – thanks guys.

Breakfast……….. You gotta love the scrambled eggs and baked beans……….. and the road map eyes – any sunglasses salesman would have made a fortune.

Road back to CT seemed to be over so quickly. Stop in Velddrift & Langebaan and a final “cheers” at Melkbos.


(and I now hear well done to Doug who has just bought a Triumph Explorer)


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Sunday 23rd June 2013 – Hout Bay Breakfast ride

Huge thanks to DrumBeat Charters / Barrie Geeling for arranging the “passes” for us to enjoy a trip to Seal island.

Thanks to all those that joined in and also joined up for a hearty breakfast @ The Lookout in Hout Bay Harbour – and thanks for Donovan Dawson for arranging the seating.

Cool weather greeted all , but thank fully the waves and swell was not as bad as Saturday so the boat could go out.

Photo’s attached.

Next Run …………. Overnighter 20th July – Elandsbay –

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RAT Bonneville BBB Evening

A Huge Thanks to all those who joined in for the evening.

Thanks to Patrick who prevented a theft from one of the street ladies who thought

that Jenni’s jacket would look better on her than Jenni.

JC’s certainly has never had so many Triumph motor cycles standing outside their door.


PHOTO’S are now added – thanks Daphne for finding the camera

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RAT Breakfast Run – Sunday 14th April 2013

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Coastal Sunset Ride – 18th Aug 2012

With the weather having been poor during the week the possibility of a Saturday sunset ride was surely not going to happen. BUT , as the Bok’s won so did the weather shine for us. The weather was glorious.

We left around 15.45 having waited for Tauca(again)…but a run without Tauca’s Speed Triple sound is no run at all. Over Dewaals Drive , into the rugby traffic and on towards the M3. Over the pass towards Noordhoek. Stop @ Noordhoek village for a coffee (and ??)mainly to thaw cold fingers.On to Chappies and a stop on top to watch the sun set. AWESOME.

Down Chappies , into HoutBay , on towards CampsBay…Yippee , some twisties , a few cars , sun right into our eyes , sea spray and on to La Med , or what used to be La Med. WOW,what a change….eyes went wide open with the arrival of the noise of bikes. Of course Tauca knew the “doorman” so we were escorted to the bar. @ R80.00 for a whisky/lime&soda & a beer on tap I don’t think we will place this in our list of places to visit often.

The sun had set , the road became dark as we thread ourselves through the “traffic” leaving Sea Point ….and then on towards “DINNER”.

Full table , good food , GREAT company. Sticker man Dudley was dragged onto the dance floor. Saddened by the fact that our very own Christian Marais was not with us to ward off the “Arthur Murray” dances we all had to pitch in. Zak made a dash for the bar when he was “asked” to dance. Well fed , oiled up& sore feet by 10.30 we were ready to mount up and head off home.

Thanks to all those that joined.

Thanks Italian Club

A GREAT evening was had by all.

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RAT Breakfast Run to Riebeeck…Sunday 15th January 2012

From one extreme to the other…. Sunday the 15th proved to be a nice warm one.

Very kindly Gerhard “bullet” Burger led the group of some 22 bikes from the shop out onto the N1 towards Klipheuwel turnoff and then on towards Windmeul , Wellington , onto Hermon and then Riebeeck Kasteel. The howl of the Evil Scotsman,s Daytona 675 was in competition with the Leo Vince pipes on the Street Triple of Mr. Raggett. Zard was there with Alistair Gill’s Street from Jo’burg , Remus pipes on the Burger Tigers with the unmistakable sound of ARROWS bringing some maturity to the “noise”…………Let it never be said that Triumph riders allow a “bend” to go unriden.

Give a RAT half a chance and !!!!!

The Bonneville’s of Petrus & Jan cruised along @ over 140 , a single Honda 550k and the Tiger 800 playing sweeper.

ZAK on the GT had a pillion……. at breakfast we all could not tell who had the bigger smile. Hans Willy’s rocket gleaming in the sun. A gaggle of Tiger 1050’s , Street’s , Tiger 800 XC & a single RS955i. Mr Els on his KLR650 (soon on a Tiger 800)….welcome to Mark on a Ducati and the 2 BMW riders (excuse that I forget names)…the ex Zak Speed SE now in the Burger family had it’s fair share of road fun.

Thanks to ED’s Diner for closing his establishment to RAT….we will be back……..

Thanks guys to all those who came along.

Without you guys (and gals) RAT won’t work.


22nd January 2012

ALL BIKE RACE DAY 28th January 2012


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RAT Oudtshoorn 2011

Well another RAT Oudtshoorn Trip has taken place.

Rather mixed feelings about this one , unfortunately so many RAT members were unable to attend and too our horror so many cancelled at the last minute that set plans had to be changed to prevent unneccessary losses.

NA Smit Resort came to the party with their normal high standard of accommodation and superb food.

The riding was good , some fast boys really showing the way , some road side repairs , but no major incidents.

The return trip presented us with some strong wind but it is reported that ALL returned home safely.


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First Ride of 2011! Happy (belated) New Year!

They say one should only say “Happy New Year!” for the first week or so of the New Year. I am not sure who “they” are, but I am sure we can bend the rules a little bit as the RAT site undergoes its first and very late update of 2011.

For the first ride of 2011, there was a treat in store, because it was the first ride to be joined by Triumph’s new Tiger 800! Sadly, I am between bikes at the moment (and therefore temporarily not part of the RAT family) but Mr. Livings sent in some photos for the gallery which you can access by clicking here.

If, like me, you were unable to make the ride, or you would like a closer look at the new Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC, pop in at Mike Hopkins or give Mark a shout. They have a bevvy of these beauts on the shop floor.

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RAT Run – 23 May 2010


This group ride has been moved to the 23rd due to the probability of poor weather and to accommodate Mother’s Day celebrations.


Meet 08.30 for 08.45 depart      ->          N1 Winelands Stop. (outgoing)

Towards Du Toits Kloof Pass        ->        Over the Pass

Right to Rawsonville                       ->       Through Rawsonville

Towards Nekkies                               ->  R43 to Moordkuil

R43 to Villiersdorp

Brunch @ Kelkie Wyn , Villiersdorp

Leave together towards Franschoek , over Franschoek Pass , left to Hellshoogte , to Stellenbosch.

Gather at bottom of Hellshoogte………….depart home.

For bookings @ KelkieWyn please RSVP


The RAT Team

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