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Triumph Cape Town Changes

The long awaited news of Mike Hopkins Motor Cycles Cape Town is here.

YES ………….. Mike is going into retirement. The shop has been sold and is now headed by Andrew Thompson.

Mike remains for the next few months to assist with the smooth change in leadership.

Clients can already see changes – not only in the building but many other area’s. See the Mike Hopkins Motor Cycles Web site / The Face Book page / Online booking for servicing / Huge cover spread in Auto Traders and of course the Advanced Riding School.

The Brand TRIUMPH will still fore front the left side of the shop , and future plans is to increase the brand awareness in the Cape area and surrounding. With the new Models arriving such as the XCX and the XRX sales have increased in the Cape and MHM / your Triumph home leads the way Nationally.

Watch the site for the RAT program – pop into the shop for coffee – meet Andrew in person.


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NEW Tiger 800 XCx Unveiling

Wednesday 4th February 2015 ……………… TIME : 17.30 for 18.00 unveiling of the NEW Tiger 800 XCx.

All welcome

Lights snacks and Drinks will be on hand

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NEW Tiger 800 XCx & XRx…………….. ARRIVAL

Due to change in the Homologation Process & Procedure the NEW 2015 Tiger 800 range is going to be delayed.

The first shipment will arrive in middle January but expected to be available for retail as from end February.

Mike Hopkins Motor Cycles / Triumph Cape Town will have a demo unit available for short test rides (only) as from end January.

Further details to follow :

PRICES :  Triumph Tiger 800 XCx                                                R 139 500.00

PRICES : Triumph Tiger 800 XRx                                                R 127 500.00



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Oudtshoorn 2014

OK…………….. so we managed to get the weather all over the place again. The wind was hectic. But not hectic enough to deter the riders. WIND was the order of the day.

N1 to Worcester , Robertson , Ashton , Montague & stopping Barry dale for lunch. Thanks to Derek (Country Pumpkin) for the “warmers”. As always the food was great. Wind again. Oudtshoorn by 16.00. Kleinplaas was a welcome sight as strained necks needed a rest. The bakkie was 1 1/2 hours behind with Bullet Burger flying in around 7. Loading all into the bakkie off to dinner.

Black Swan is a real treat – Thanks David Pienaar for the recommendation. Food was great. Service stunning. prices not too bad either. The Swellendam’ers joined in.

Saturday morning started off great. Kleinplaas breakfast is a real filler.

Down Robertson Pass to Eight Bells. Thanks to all that posed for photo’s. Bernadine (Die Burger) was there on her Daytona 675. Joined by the local Garden Routers we set off in the wind to Knysna. Sadly the camera’s along the road flashed a few times. Mitchells Brewery was a hoot. Split into 2 groups the tours and tasting went off too well. There was a coup against the Black beer (by one ratter) , marriage proposal (by one ratter), hording of certain tasters( by a non ratter) many laughs and no spills. Thank you Mitchells Beer.

Back to Oudtshoorn via a VERY misty wet Outenique Pass.

Kleinplaas for Braai. Salads prepared by the Kleinplaas ladies was super. Way too much meat. A Blow up over the Head trick by our own Robby Williams , Giggles , laughter , the 2 Germans found window sills for tables to eat off , almost ran out of ice . Thanks to Kleinplaas for the use of the Lapa & utensils.

Sunday morning 09.00 departure started at 08.30 , no wind , only a police check point and further no issues.

Ronnies “…..” Shop for a stop , Country Pumpkin for lunch – again thanks Derek for the specials – Du Toits Kloof Lodge for a GOOD BYE.

Who joined in …………… Triumphs , a sole Griso & a Tenere. Photo’s show all.


Will we do it again ? YES !

WHEN ……….. watch the calendar ……………


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8th March 2014 – Matjiesfontein

Not threat of rain (which never happened) or a flat rear tire or road works or no shows could dampen the spirit in which this ride took place. Streeten did his normal……I will show you how to do a trip on steel thread……………. move , Dawson’s Tiger developed a rear flat out of no where , and to this very minute still a mystery as to how. BUT tyre weld works.

After a well deserved “cold one” the bus tour of the town was enjoyed. With much laughing at ” we now turn left , as we can’t turn right ” and ” I love it when you talk foreign” and ” it’s show time” 10 minute trip was 9 minutes with 1 minute to the old house. The town has a long history. The old trains / buildings and so on deserve a good hard look.

Dinner was at 19.00 – on time , the dinning room perfect , all were dressed up in what had been “requested”…………. of course some over dressed and some under dressed. One slight hic cup @ dinner ( apparently cold pickled fish starter takes long to prepare)…… rest of the dinner was perfect. Back to the Laird for a night cap and celebrate Julia’s birthday. The Honky Tonk piano player ( who is also the tour guide) kept the music going and grabbed one and all to sing along. ( no idol winners).  A time was reached that no ringing of the “bell” could raise the barman from his hideaway.  but the Chippendale did his “stuff”.

Breakfast……….. ok we leave that.





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RAT – Matjiesfontein – 8th March 2014


There is still accommodation available @ the Lord Milner in Matjiesfontein

Contact hotel directly on 0235613011 / use ref : Triumph Cape Town

Email will be sent out with route – but departure from shop is @ 11.00

Plans for the afternoon / dinner dress code / ride back to follow on email.

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16th February 2014 Breakfast Run

Thanks to all those that joined for what tuned out to be a WARM (HOT) ride.

The “cruise” weather was great….. even though Mike Johnston could not get out of third gear – the pace was casual.

NEXT run will be a “more speedy” ride.

Thanks to Bushpub for a good meal at a refreshingly affordable price.

Any suggestions to other venue’s always welcome.

Any route suggestions welcome.

REMEMBER 8th March is Matjiesfontein Overnighter

Next Breakfast ride planned for 13th April.

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Celebrities Who Ride Triumph Motor Cycles

The list of celebrities that ride Triumphs

Have fun guys & gals.

Triumph Riders have something to be proud of.

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Triumph Factory – Client Safety – Explorer / Trophy

All Triumph Explorer and Trophy Motor cycle owners have been requested to contact their closest dealer with regard to a Factory recall on the ECM.

Mike Hopkins Motor Cycles & Triumph SA have already made contact with all owners , as on record – MHM expects the first batch of new ECM’s to arrive from the factory within a week , whereupon clients will be telephoned and requested to come in and have the change made and software downloaded. This process should take the workshop no longer than +/- 45 minutes.

Triumph UK ( worldwide) place customer safety as a priority.

Once again , TRIUMPH , leads the way

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Prince on a Daytona 675 R


Prince W at the Triumph stand in Milano

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